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julie-gabrielWelcome to my online home. My name is Julie Gabriel and I am a holistic nutritionist, book author, and the founder of Petite Marie Organics natural skincare range (www.petitemarieorganics.com) which works really well for acne-prone, problem and sensitive skin.

My fascination with beauty began nearly twenty years ago. As a beauty writer and editor I was privileged to contribute to such amazing publications as Harper’s BazaarL’Officiel de la Mode et de la CoutureAtmospheresWWD, and many others.

When my daughter was born, I had trained as a holistic nutritionist at Canadian School for Natural Nutrition. Why nutrition? I believe that cosmetic products are food for our skin, and if you take great care to eat healthy, wholesome foods, you must treat your skin and hair with the same respect.

Since 2007 I have published several books on natural beauty and healthy nutrition –  make sure to check them out.

I live in Switzerland. I am a single mom and I have a lovely daughter who is an aspiring tennis player (she is now seven). She kindly allowed me to use her name on the label of our skincare products. And of course we test all of my skincare inventions at home before we run lab tests (no animals involved!) and then “tests” on human volunteers.

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